CalcTool performs many everyday and professional calculations for you simply, easily, and without fuss. This is CalcTool. Welcome.

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What's a calc?

It's a quick and simple calculation that can help you speed up your life and take control
How it works

Choose what you want to calculate, enter what you're asked for, then see the answer.
CalcTool provides quick, simple, easy and free online calculation and unit conversion tools for the home, school, recreation, the office, for technical disciplines, and also just for fun.
It offers hundreds of automatic calculators that help you find the answer you need step by step, just by filling in the blue boxes. Each "calc" also has a helpful diagram, a brief description of the theory behind the calculation, and some notes to help you get the most of it. Many of the calcs were specially developed for CalcTool, from public experimental data or basic mathematical and scientific principles, and are not found anywhere else.
Perhaps the most powerful feature of CalcTool is the unit menus, which allow you to enter input and receive output in whatever units are most convenient for you - be it metric, imperial, or any of many other conventional and unusual options.
We hope that you won't need to look up equations, leaf through text books, or fiddle with spreadsheets any more. CalcTool has sections covering everything from math, physics, chemistry and biology to finance, economics, culture, and sport. Browse around, have some fun, and bookmark us for later!