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OK, so what does this thing do and how does it work?
It performs annoying calculations for you. You find a calc that solves the problem you have, fill in the blue input boxes, and get the answer out in the orange boxes. It's that simple.

How do I find the calc I need?
We recommend using the search function if you know what you're looking for. Alternatively you can navigate through the directory listings, which is great for browsing but less good for finding something very specific.

What browser should I be using?
Whichever one you like. We test on IE, Safari, and Firefox, and occasionally a few others. There are some things (in css in particular) that are implemented badly or not at all in one browser or another, so there are browser differences. Personally, I think that Safari looks the best for CalcTool (and most other sites too), but that's just a personal opinion and doesn't take any note of factors such as security, availability, bugs, features, etc.

That's all great, but isn't the interface a bit... er... 1990s?
And that's a problem because? Listen, we're two family guys doing this in our spare time. But if you want to volunteer your expert website design services for free, then just let us know.

OK. And how exactly do I let you know?
Try going to the forum.

Can I have a mobile version?
You can access a stripped down version of calctool that may be suitable for your mobile device here. It's pretty rough around the edges, and it still requires a browser with decent handling of xhtml, css and Javascript though.

How accurate are the calculations?
The calcs mostly quote to 6 significant figures, and most of the time they are that accurate. However some of the constants and conversion factors we use are less accurate than that, and we don't give any promises, so don't try to sue us. If you do find something that seems wrong or inaccurate, it would be more constructive to let us know at the forum.

What are you doing with my personal data when I sign up for MyCalcTool?
You are not required to reveal any personal data to sign up, and we do not check the validity of any data that you do enter. In addition, we take your privacy seriously and will never pass on any of your entered details to a third party.

And what are you doing with my input data?
Your input does not go any further than your own computer. We don't take it, and we couldn't analyze or store it if we wanted to. The security of your research from that point of view is absolutely assured.

I'm using Safari, and there are some terrible errors.
First, that's a statement not a question. Second, you're right. Early versions of Safari had a Javascript bug that caused answers of exactly 1 to be displayed as "0.1". Upgrade to the latest version and you will find that it is all fixed.

Hey, isn't this a rip off of site X?
Nope. As far as we knew when we started, nobody else was doing this. On the other hand, there's nothing new under the sun, and since making CalcTool we've seen a couple of similar projects. However, we (naturally) think that we have something with unique features and usability.

So what's with the ads? Trying to become millionaires?
Well, of course. However, the sad truth of the matter is that website ads are nowhere near half as lucrative as some people might like to imagine. Right now, ad revenue just about covers our domain registration and hosting costs. If it ever looks like making the hours of work financially worth it, then we will be sure to let you know. By the way, you can easily remove some of the the ads and also get some other useful features just by signing up and signing in (which is completely free).

Can you add the calculation for XXX?
Sure. Go to the "suggest a calc" section of the forum and leave the details there.

How about letting users add calculations?
We'd like to do that in the future, but the plain truth is that it will take a lot of work to get it up and running. Stay tuned, and help us gain popularity if you want to see something like that.

Do you mind if I link to your calculations?
We would be overjoyed. Link to any calculations or index pages that you like. Just remember to check that the link works - much of the site is generated by a cgi script and the urls may need some additional formatting in order to work properly.

How about other language versions of CalcTool?
Unfortunately neither of us knows any other language fluently enough to do a full translation. However, if you or anyone else is willing to do one, we would be happy to share the advertising profits. Bear in mind of course that the "profits" in question won't amount to much more than the price of a burger once in a while.

I see something that looks like you sourced it from Wikipedia. Are you plagiarizing?
We use Wikipedia extensively, but we don't directly copy from it. We can also promise you that the contributions we have made to Wikipedia (unconnected to this site) far outweigh the material we have sourced from it.

Great. So shall I add your calcs as external links to Wikipedia pages?
Only if they are really relevant and useful, but under those circumstances then yes please. Wikipedia suffers terribly from linkspam, and we don't want to be a part of it.

I've noticed that your PageRank is not very high. Are you interested in my SEO services?
No, we're not.

How about a link exchange then?
Well maybe we'll think about that, but we're not willing to dilute the simplicity of the main interface with badges and banners.

Can I use your pictures or code?
All the photographic pictures are either self-made or from free sources. They are attributed if necessary using the alt tags. Any errors are in good faith and will be corrected immediately that you let us know. You may freely use any of the photographic pictures, excluding those featuring people or a CalcTool logo. The diagrammatic images and the rest of the CalcTool code are the core purpose of CalcTool, and these may not be used without premission.

Hey, my frequently asked question isn't here!
Then go ask it frequently at the forum.